when you remember that most actresses aren’t actually lesbians


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hahahahathat's meso sadi m not sorryeveryone is gay
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I don’t remember this Hannah Montana/Suite Life cross over :\

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oh wowi dun even know what this isbut stillgirls kissing
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Let’s make an Emily Fields appreciation : Howevery hot lesbians are all attracted to her. You go, girl ! ;)

This post is entirely for the pleasure of the eyes, no matter if you’re an Emison, Paily, Emara or Emaya shippers, we can all agree that every gif is hot ;D

playful eyes *.*

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pretty little liarsEmily Fieldsemily x mayaemily x paigeemily x alison
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That’s the whole problem, isn’t it? Rules aren’t any fun. Listen, I don’t want to stand in the way of true love. I mean, if that is your future wife out there, by all means, tell me to back off. But you pursued me, and I liked it. I’ve… I’ve never felt… you know, I’ve never really thought of myself as a very sexual person, but… ever since… I want to taste what you taste like.

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Orange is the new blackalex x piper
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